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I can't figure any of these problems out any help would be nice peace.
Show all steps used to solve the problem.
1.5n + 6 = -4
5.If 3a - 9 = 6, what is the value of 4a - 1?

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    5n + 6 = -4
    subtract 6 from both sides
    5n+6-6 = -4-6
    5n = -10
    divided both sides by 5
    5n/5 = -10/5
    n = -2

    17 - x/4 = -10
    multiply both sides by 4
    68 - x = -40
    subtract 68 from both sides
    68-68 - x= -40-68
    -x = -108
    divide both sides by -1
    x = 108

    do the rest the same way

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