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A negatively charged balloon sticks to a wooden door. However, an unchanged balloon does not stick to a wooden door. What is the nature of the charge on the wooden door?

Is it electrically neutral? Or could it possibly be possibly charged also?

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    The charge on the door must be electrically neutral.

    If the door were positively or negatively charged, the electrons in the balloon would be repelled from or attracted to the door, making the overall charge on the door side of the balloon negative or positive, and then the balloon would stick to the door.

    A negatively charged balloon sticks to the door because when it is pressed against the door, the electrons in the door are repelled from the electrons in the balloon. Thus, the door takes on a temporary positive charge (due to the lack of electrons which balance the charge) and the negatively charged balloon and positively charged door attract.

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    Oh YEAH! I thought about the attracting I just didn't think about the repelling.

    THANKS :]

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