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Which sentences use's iambic feet? It can be more than one.

1."My songs do tell how true thou art" (Sir Thomas Wyatt,1557)

2."Whatever fades, but fading pleasure brings." (Sir Philip Sidney,1598)

3."And the night is a-cold." (William Blake,1783)

4."The world is too much with us; late and soon" (William Wordsworth,1807)

5."Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May" (William Shakespeare,1609)

6."Little Lamb,who made thee?" (William Blake,1789)

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    An iamb is an unstressed/stressed foot.

    da DUM, da DUM

    twas BRIL lig AND the SLI thy TROVES...
    did GYRE and GIB ble IN the WABE.
    From Lewis Carrols Jabberwocky.

    You can pat with your hand as you read and you can easily find iambs.

    If you have further difficulty, please repost your thoughts and we will give you further ideas.

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    Would number 4 be one?

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