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science [planets/stars]

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Well, first things first.. I'm given an assignment from my Earth Science class. Right now we're doing a unit about planets and Earth and sun. My teacher told us to write a [maximum] 2 page essay, which is also supposed to be descriptive. In the essay, we have to pretend that we came up with a rocket or something at a speed of a light and can leave our solar system and go to other stars/planets. We need to find another planet where we would have useful conditions to live in. Basically, I need to write 2 pages about how I left the Earth in the search of another planet that would have same conditions as in Earth. I came up with the main ones: stable temperature, water, carbon dioxide and sunlight.
So well, can you give me some ideas to find a star that I could travel to?? Or any different ideas on how to write this paper would be useful.. Thanks for your help :]

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