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In Costa Rica, it costs less to attend a university than in the U.S.

As in the U.S., college graduates in Costa Rica don't always end up practicing the professions for which they studied

what does this say?:
Las universidades latinoamericanas dan mucha importancia a los estudios humanísticos, como la filosofia, la literatura y el arte. También dan importancia a las profesiones tradicionales, como el derecho y la medicina. Por eso, muchas veces un graduado no practica la profesión que estudió."

i think this is the answer to my questions

  1. amy

    The universes in Latin America give great importance to the studies in humanities, philosophy, literature, and the arts. Also given importance to the more traditional fields such as law and medicine. Due to this, often graduates don't end up practicing what they studied.

  2. y912f

    so the second one's true
    1. ???
    2. true

  3. amy

    well it doesn't say anything about cost but school in latin america is much cheaper, in many countries all education is free including college. My cousin lives in latin america and her tuition is about $45 so i guess yes it's true

  4. SraJMcGin

    Latin American universities give more importance to humanistic studies, like philosophy, literature and art. They also give importance to traditional professions, such as law and medicine. For that reason, a graduate, many times, does not practice the profession that he/she studied.


  5. SraJMcGin

    Here is a link about a Costa Rican university, studies, cost, etc.


  6. brebre


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