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Were going into week 7 I don not know how to do a rough draft of research paper but I'm going to write about Domestic Violence and Homelessness I'm nedding to see sample of how to do this.
I need help


  • Research Writing Com 220 -

    It depends on your prompt. What are you asked to research?

  • Research Writing Com 220 -

    Domestic Violence and Homelessness

  • Research Writing Com 220 -

    That's WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too broad a topic. People have written books about these social and economic issues.

    First, narrow your topic:
    There are several sites (first five especially) which have good ideas here.

    Then, follow the steps here:
    (Broken Link Removed)
    You are at step 2, almost ready to go into step 3.

    Don't skip any steps or your paper will be all over the place, not proving whatever point you want to concentrate on.

  • Research Writing Com 220 -

    First you need to write a full sentence outline of your topic:
    you thesis statement
    main points and then sub points
    introduction of your topic and a conclusion of your topic.

  • Research Writing Com 220 -

    Your topic actually is a good topic to write on because there is so much information on this topic, researching this topic should be quite easy. Don't listen to someone that tells you that your topic is way to broad because it isn't.

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