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The exterior angle of a regular polygon is the angle formed by an extended side and the adjacent side.

c) How do the central angel and the exterior angle of a regular pentagon compare? Is this relationship true in any regular polygon? Explain.


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    You have posted several questions which are all based on the same principles
    already pointed out by 'drwls'

    Why don't you make a diagram of a regular polygon, sketch the 5 isosceles triangles created by joining the vertices to the centre.

    Wouldn't the central angle of each of those be 360/5º ? or 72º ?

    now work your way around the whole figure by finding all the angles, including the exterior angles formed by extending the sides

    I noticed 'drwls' already pointed out that the exterior angle is 360/(number of sides), in this case 360/5

    Isn't that the same as the central angle?
    Now repeat the argument for an n-sided regular polygon.

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    You've received good ideas from two math teachers. Your other posts have therefore been removed.

    If you have further questions, be sure to post what YOU HAVE DONE as well.

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