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hi - thanks again for all of your help.

I wrote the paragraph first as you suggested in English - I haev translated most of it can you edit nad give me any suggestions

My twin faternal brothers were born at Riverside Hospital in COlumbus, Ohio. One twin has black hair and blue eyes the other has blond hair and green eyes. Veintinueve de marzo en dos mil. Estuve sprendida y confudida. Pedi a ver los bebes. Vi a os bebes y estaban muy lindos. Estuve esperabdo en el hospital y alguien me regalo una camisa que decia “Ahora soy la hermana grade.” Estuve con mi familia. Tenia seis anos de edad.

  • spanish sra jmcguin -

    I NEVER suggested you write it first in English! What I said was to write it just in Spanish, using the grammar and vocabulary you have mastered BUT to provide the English where you were not sure how to say something.

    I'm not correcting this one because I did the one where you said "use this one."


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