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These 5 sentences are about the same topic. By comparing them, which sentence would you conclude to be bias.

1.Roughly ten illegal immigrants are caught at the border each day.

2.In ten days, about one hundred illegal immigrants were stopped at the border.

3.Say agent Radcliffe, "At my post,less than fifteen illegal immigrants are caught daily."

4.A ridiculously high number of illegal immigrants are caught at the border everyday.

5.The Border Patrol estimates that about ten illegal immigrants are caught at the border each day, for everyone caught, the BP estimates that six get away.

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    And which one do YOU say?


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    I think it is sentence 5

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    Which of those sentences is the least factual? Which one asks for an emotional response?

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    The least factual sentence I guess would be sentence 4

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    You are absolutely 100% right. And bias appeals to which, fact or emotion?

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    You are right on!

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