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You are chosing between 2 health clubs. Club A offers a membership for $16 plus a monthly fee of $26. Club B offers a membership for $19 and a monthly fee of $25. How do i figure out when the costs will be equal and what each cost of the clubs are?

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    cost A = 16 + 26n
    cost B = 19 + 25n

    solve 26n+16 = 25n+16
    and put that back into one of the above equations,
    it doesn't matter which one, you should get the same answer from either one of them

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    thanks i have 1 more question..a rectangular lot whose perimeter is 360ft is fenced along 3 sides. An expensive fencing along the lots length is $18 per foot. An inexpensive fencing along the two widths costs only $3 per foot.The total cost of the fencing is $2400, how do i find out the lots demensions.

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    let the length be l
    let the width be w
    then 2w + 2l = 360
    l = 180-w

    18l + 3(2w) = 2400
    18(180-w) + 6w = 2400

    solve for w, put it back into l=360-2w

    (I got w = 70 , l = 110)

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