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what are some breakfast meals in spanish

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    First of all, do you want to know what the Spanish people eat for breakfast:



    OR, do you simply want any breakfast food in Spanish (vocabulary)?

    (This is in Spanish:

    OR give me the English of the vocabulary you would like and I'll give you the Spanish.


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    P.S. I tried to think of some food you might like for breakfast, so here's my list:

    Los alimentos = foods
    el huevo = egg
    el pan = bread
    la mantequilla = butter
    la carne = meat
    el pescado = fish
    la sal = salt
    la pimienta = pepper
    el a zúcar = sugar

    Las bebidas = beverages
    el café = coffee
    el agua = water (fem.)
    el té = tea
    la leche = milk
    el chocolate = ch ocolate
    la crema = cream

    Las frutas = fruits
    la manzana = apple
    la cereza = cherry
    la pera = pear
    el melocotón - peach
    la banana = banana
    la fresa = strawberry
    la naranja = orange
    la piña = pineapple
    la toronja = grapefruit
    el melón = melon
    la uva = grape
    el limón = lemon

    El servicio de mesa = tableware
    la taza = cup
    el cuchillo = knife
    el vaso = glass
    el plato = plate
    el tenedor = fork
    la servilleta = napkin
    la cuchara = spoon
    el mantel = tablecloth

    Feel free to add!


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