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My professor gave us these question in call and we solved for it in class, however im not sure how we got the answers.

I dunt really understand the concept of intermolecular forces if some can please help me i have a quiz tomorrow.

A. For each pair of substance, identify the key intermolecular force(s) in eacg substance and select the substance with the lower boiling point.

a) MgCl2 or NH3
b) S02 OR C02
c) cis CHCL=CHCL or trans chcl=chcl

B. Which of the following molecules are likely to form hydrogen bonds?


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    Does the second question mean, "B. Which of the following molecules are likely to form hydrogen bonds [with themselves]?"

    You can get different answers depending on whether or not that added part is implied.

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    Here is my take on these.
    a) MgCl2 or NH3 MgCl2 is an ionic bond and that is stronger than hydrogen bonds from NH3 so b.p. should be higher in MgCl2
    b) S02 OR C02SO2 is angular, CO2 is linear; therefore, SO2 has a dipole moment whereas CO2 does not. Thus SO2 will have a higher b.p.
    c) cis CHCL=CHCL or trans chcl=chclthe cis isomer is polar, the trans isomer is symmetrical and non-polar; therefore, the cis isomer should have a higher b.p.

    B. Which of the following molecules are likely to form hydrogen bonds?

    a)CH3CH2OH yes
    b)CH3CHO yes
    c)CH3OCH3 not likely or weak if at all
    d)CH3COOH yes.

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