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Hey guys!
I need a help on my english assignment. Well, I'm writing a research paper on Dr. Seuss and his life and books. But before we turn in the essay, we have to do an oral report, for about 2-3 minutes, in front of the class. It's like putting your written report in words and telling it to the rest of the class. My teacher says it has to be interesting and grab everyone's attention. I never get nervous in front of the class so if you have any funny introductions to my speech I'll gladly use it =))) The introduction is pretty much the only part that I have trouble with. Once I introduce the whole thing, it'll get easier to continues.
Please give some ideas =) Thanks ))

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    it'll get easier to continue*

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    One thing to try is to find a particular section of one of the stories -- a section you really like or is funny or has some interesting wording (rhyme, alliteration, or ?).

    Just start reading/reciting it -- and I'll bet your classmates will recognize it from their own childhoods.

    Other teachers may have further ideas.

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    Find a really tall hat and put some stripes around it... don't put it on until you get in front of the room. Then recite the first lines from The Cat in the Hat. You will have the audiences attention immediately and as Writeacher says they will enjoy your talk because it will relate to their childhoods.

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    Thanks a lot - for both of you! :)

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