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1. Why is benzoic acid more soluble in water than in octane?
My thought: Benzoic acid, a carboxylic is a polar compound and is more likely to be soluble in water as water is polar while octane is not.

2. Describe two properties that alcohols and carboxylic acids share?
My thought: 1. Both of them have hydrogen bonds. 2. They had high boiling points?

3. Which one is more soluble in water? Carboxylic acids or hydrocarbons?
My guess: Carboxylic acids?

Thank you!

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    1. The answer looks good.
    2. I would change the second reason about high boiling points to "they have higher than normal boiling points" (due to the H bonding). The H of COOH and the H of OH is acidic on both although COOH is much more acidic.
    3. How can you give such a great answer to 1 and not know the answer to 3 instantly. Benzoic acid in #1 is phCOOH, a carboxylic acid. Carboxylic acids are polar. So ....

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