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Economics Quick Question

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I'm going to type part of this passage and you have to fill in the blank. Could you check my answer here are the words that may go in that blank.

elasticity shortage
equilibrium price supply
productivity surplus
profit techonology

Passage: Let's start with that part time job at McDonalds. You may find that at different times of the year, you may be offered lower or higher wages. For example, during the school year you may be offered higher wages. Why would this be? Let's think. Who is the bulk of the company's workforce? Teenagers who make up a large portion of the labor force, must limit the amount of time they work because of school. This means that McDonald's labor ------------------ is limited.

Answer: Is the answer supply???

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    Sorry here are the words you fill in the blank I typed them kind of confusing.

    equilibrium price

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    However, with the economic conditions being what they are there will be highly qualified people working there, because any job is better than no job. There will not be much available this summer for students out of school.


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    Among the word choices, I too think "supply" is the best choice for the blank.

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