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Tectonic Plates-
Ring of Fire-
Could you please give me the definitions in science terms?

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    Get a good dictionary! Here is one, where you enter the word, and see what comes up?

    I did the word "fish" and there was a good definition there.


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    FYI: For fish, from the linked-to site, use 2 of the defintions:

    1. Any of numerous cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates of the superclass Pisces, characteristically having fins, gills, and a streamlined body and including specifically:

    a. Any of the class Osteichthyes, having a bony skeleton.

    b. Any of the class Chondrichthyes, having a cartilaginous skeleton and including the sharks, rays, and skates.


    3. Any of various primitive aquatic vertebrates of the class Cyclostomata, lacking jaws and including the lampreys and hagfishes.

    And do not use

    4. Any of various unrelated aquatic animals, such as a jellyfish, cuttlefish, or crayfish.

    They are not fish.

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    And if you are allowed to define something by including in the definition what it is not, then for an amphibian I'd define it as

    amphibian: a non-amniote tetrapod.

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