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"Mamá, me quité vieja y sucia. Ahora llevo la ropa nueva que me compraste." "¡Qué guapo _____ hoy, Julio!"
a. eres
b. eras
c. estás
d. fuiste

i'm not sure about this
please help

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    I think it would be C. estas, because it is the conditional tu form of the verb "to be". You wouldn't use A. eres because that is the unconditional form. Guapo means good-looking, which can change any day. (sounds sad but true!)

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    thank you :)

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    Yes. Because it says "today" it implies that he "looks" handsom today, with estar (c. estás) versus "ser" = eres guapo, implies that you are handsome, even if you are dressed in rags!

    I understand that your "teacher" merely tells you whether you are correct or not? That will do you no good, UNLESS it is explained to you WHY you are wrong, when you are. ALWAYS ask us WHY when you miss something. "spoon-feeding" you is of no value at all. The only way you learn is to guess, verify and have an explanation when you miss something!


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