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Still need help with this one-

Choose the sentence that uses a verb in the passive voice:

A. Away from the constant interruptions of modern life, camping families find each other.
B. When they share the hardship of a cold night, they learn about one another.
C. Minor disagreements are made even smaller in the great outdoors.
D. Take a tip from the campers and rough it!


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    Active: John hit the baseball.
    (subject does the action of the verb)

    Passive: The baseball was hit by John.
    (subject RECEIVES the action of the verb)

    So... isolate the subjects and verbs in those sentences.

    A. families find
    B. they share; they learn
    C. ??
    D. ??

    What do you think?

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    I was really confused about this one so I had to ask my teacher
    The correct answer is C

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    Yes, right.

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    Did your teacher explain WHY C is correct?

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    Do you know WHY that sentence is correct? Can you identify the passive verb in there?

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    That's the problem with homeschooling. They just tell you right or wrong :(

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    MC -- This is not home "schooling." It's a fraud!

    Good home schooling relies on an educated parent (or educated parent substitute) to instruct students and supervise their education. One advantage to legitimate home schooling is that the student receives one-on-one help in comprehending concepts s/he finds difficult or confusing. You're not getting this help.

    Whatever program you're using bears no resemblance to education. Answering innumerable multiple-choice questions without understanding teaches you nothing.

    I sincerely hope that you and your family make other educational plans for you next year.

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    MC - Active Voice... the subject ->does something (verb) to an object ( Direct object.

    Joe -> hit -> ball. The action flows from to subject to something.

    Passive voice - The subject <- receives the action (verb)
    The ball <- was hit. CLUE : there is always a being verb + the main verb.

    Active means someone is doing something to something.
    Passive means that the VERB is doing all the work.

    If you have to act it out... that is what I had my classes do. <G>

  • Grammar - P.S. -

    Did you study this site that I posted for you earlier this afternoon about active and passive verbs?

    If you're going to be home schooled and educated, you need to take advantage of all of the expert help you're getting on Jiskha.

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    Alright, thanks

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