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A jet leaves a runway whose bearing is N26E from the control tower. After flying 4 miles, the jet turns 99 degrees and flies on a bearing of s55e for 6 miles. At that time what is the bearing from the jet from the control tower. I have no idea how to solve this please help!

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    How far did the jet go North?
    4 cos 26 - 6 cos 55
    = .1537 north of origin
    How far did the jet go East?
    4 sin 26 + 6 sin 55
    = 6.67 east of origin
    tan angle north of east = .1537/6.67
    angle North of East = 1.32 degrees
    angle East of North = 90 - 1.32 = 88.7 degrees.
    That is from the control tower to the Jet
    You have a typo and I can not tell which is from and which is to.
    from the jet TO the control tower would be
    South 88.7 West

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