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Physical Science

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These are two questions that I need help with:

1.What statement about light traveling through water and glass is true?
A.Water and glass absorb different colors of light
B.Light changes colors as it passes from water to glass
C.Light travels at different speeds in water and glass
D.Light must be perpindicular to the surface to pass from water to glass

2.[Ex:A white light passes through a prims and comes out as a rainbow]How does the prism produce colors of the rainbow from white light? absorbing colorless wavelengths from white light seperating the light of different wavelengths changing the wavelenghth of white light into other wavelengths reflecting light with other wavelengths and transmitting light with colored wavelengths.
No idea on this one! Need help!


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    1C, 2B
    The separation of while light colors by a prism is by refraction into different directions for each color.

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    Thanks so much drwls!

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