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Doing a units of measurement program don't know what the formula i need to use to convert the units? Also was wondering how do i get the answer to show at least 3 decimals places im getting to many numbers for my results? Should i declare them as a double or a long?
inch& = 0.0833
rod& = 16.5
yard& = 3
furlong& = 660
meter& = 3.2815
kilometer& = 3281.5
fathom& = 6
miles& = 5280

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    Here's a site to convert just about anything. If it doesn't work, I have other sites:


    Just in case:

    2. (metric):

    3. (weights & measurements):


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    P.S. If there are too many decimals, could you convert the 3rd, depending upon the fourth (larger than .5)
    3547 (355)
    (see "rounding decimals")


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    It is not clear from your question what the "&" is supposed to represent and what units you are converting TO. However, the numbers provide a clue
    1 inch = 1/12 = 0.0833 feet
    (to three figures)
    1 rod = 16.5 feet
    1 yard = 3 feet
    1 furlong = 660 feet = 1/8 mile
    1 meter = 3.2815 feet (to five figures)
    1 kilometer = 3281.5 kilofeet
    (I've never heard of kilofeet being used)
    1 fathom = 6 feet
    1 miles = 5280 feet

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