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The enthalpy of fusion of water is 6.0 kJ/molrxn and that of methanol (CH3OH) is 3.2 kJ/molrxn.

Which solid, water or methanol, has the larger intermolecular forces?

Predict whether the enthalpy of fusion of C2H6 will be larger than, less than, or the same of that of methanol.

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    Water seems to require more energy to break apart the bonds caused by intermolecular forces.

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    thank you

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    *This is the second part of the question

    Predict whether the enthalpy of fusion of C2H6 will be larger than, less than, or the same of that of methanol.

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    What do you remember about hydrogen bonding. That's present in the water. Could it also be present in CH3OH?

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    It would be less than that of methanol

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    I agree.

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