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i need your help! my teacher asked us to write an one page paragraph on this statement:
as canadians we are responsible for the blood diamond in africa because as a wealthy nation we provide the market for the wear on our fingers and around our neck and so we must open our borders and accept the refugees from africa

can u point out some key points and can i tell me what is your opinion for this conflict

please and thank you

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    The argument is faulty. The more appropriate response is to stop buying diamonds from Africa -- or at least stop buying from "blood" diamond dealers. Accepting refugees from Africa has nothing to do with blood diamonds -- because many of the refugees on the African continent have nothing to do with the blood diamonds.

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    have you seen the movie blood diamond

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    No. But here's an article about it.

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    the conflict im talking about is base on this movie

    im kinda a little stuck on writing this paragraph

    can you point out some keypoints and may your opinions could be helpful

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    You watched the movie. What do you think?

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