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Subjunctive, infinitive, or indicative???
can anyone please correct me??? I try to practice it before my test but I'm really confused about it, and also please explain why I did it wrong??? muchas gracias!!!!

Put ir in the nosotros subjunctive form
Put haber in the singular subjunctive form
Mi madre ruega que mis hermanos no (dormir) hasta el mediodía los sábados.
Elena ruega que alguien (recoger) la basura en el barrio
Pienso que María (ver) la película nueva.
Es posible que no (ir) a llover hoy.
tú vayas
Es importante que Uds. (reciclar).
Rogelio me dice que su primo (ser) muy guapo.
Put ser in the tú subjunctive form
Ella duda que ellos (jugar) el partido.
Me alegro de que mis padres (pagar) por el carro nuevo.
Ojalá que el concierto no (ser) muy largo.
Recomendamos que ella (oir) el radio.
Es obvio que nosotros (saber) la respuesta.
Es importante (reciclar).
No es dudoso que la familia (ir) a México la próxima semana.
Put estar in the ellos subjunctive form
Espero que todo el grupo (divertirse) a la fiesta.
se divierta
Es posible que ella y yo (saber) como jugar.
Yo creo que ella (almorzar) con mi amigo.
Es triste que yo no (conocer) el lugar.
Sabemos que la señora Guillén (ser) una buena profesora.
Put dar in the yo subjunctive form

Quiero un amigo que no me (mentir).
Es importante que Uds (tocar) el piano.

  • spanish -

    Mi madre ruega que mis hermanos no (dormir) hasta el mediodía los sábados.
    duermen = the Subjunctive is required here = duerman

    Let's look at the reasons for the Subjunctive in the first place. You must analyze the main verb and if you can classify it as:
    1. imposition of will (someone wants, suggests, begs, etc. that someone else do something does not imply that it will become fact)(this includes impersonal expressions also like es importante, es bueno, es mejor, etc.)

    2. emotion (one person is glad, sad, upset, etc. about another person)

    3. doubt, disbelief, denial (including creer, pensar, verdad, cierto used neegatively or interrogatively) about something

    Each time you analyze a main verb, classify it as either l, 2, or 3. The example above is 1 (beg = imposition of will)

    Elena ruega que alguien (recoger) = same type as #1 (recoja)

    Es importante (reciclar).
    reciclar = correct! Only one subject so infinitive.

    Quiero un amigo que no me (mentir).
    miento = it IS subjunctive because it's an indefinite antecedent. This is what I WANT but it may not even exist. the Subjunctive here is mienta.

    You got everything else! ¡Olé! Try to imagine a crystal ball. If you can see in it that it DID happen, IS happenING, WILL happen, etc. it is the Indicative. BUT if that crystal ball is "cloudy" meaning you never know for SURE, then it is Subjunctive.

    Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. This is one of my favorite things to teach; I cann the Subjunctive "the thinking person's tense."


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