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I am writing a story for school about a French lady-in-waiting. What kind of job would her mother, father, and younger sister have? I would appreciate it if you do not give me a Google search, because last time I asked this question, I was given a Google Search that did not help me.

thank you!

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    Her father would probably be a land owner. He supervised the people who worked for him. Her mother's job, of course, was to supervise the household help. The sister wouldn't have a job, but would assist her mother, so that she learned how to run a household.

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    So, does that mean her father's job is outside of the castle? And her mother's too, or would she be some sort of helper to the queen she is serving, also?

    Thank you soo much! :-)

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    The lady-in-waiting's family probably lived in their own manor house on a large farm. It could be nearby -- or at some distance from their daughter.

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    Thank you sooo much! I really appreciate it! :-)

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    You're very welcome. :-)

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