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Teacher had us to find the verb and/or action verb in sentences. She said there would be either one of each or 2 action verbs in the sentence. What are the verbs/action verbs in these sentences.
1. His car hit a wall in the world's first car accident.
2. The auto had difficulties, however.
3. He hit a surprise team of horses in the first bike accident ever.
4. He hadn't given it brakes.

My mom and I have talked to 5 different people including teachers are we are stuck.

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    1. The action verb is HIT.

    2. The action verb is HAD. (Note that had is often used as a helping verb. But in this sentence it's the action verb.)

    3. The action verb is HIT.

    4. The action verb is HAD GIVEN. (Note that in this sentence, HAD is a helping verb.)

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    We identified the obvious like you did. But the teacher said there will be 2 in each in sentence. That's what we can't find.

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    Those are all of the verbs in these sentences. Didn't your teacher say there would be one OR two in each sentence?

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    No. She said there would be either 1 verb and 1 action verb OR 2 action verbs.

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    The teacher is incorrect. Ms. Sue is correct.

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