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What do you get when you factor 2q^2+22q=-60?

Is there more than one answer possible?
I got 2 answers:

1. (2q+10)(q+6)
2. (2q+12)(q+5)

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    Your two answers are both:


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    on a test, if i put one of the answers i put above, would i still get it right?

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    You should factor out the GCF.

    2q^2 + 22q = -60
    2q^2 + 22q + 60 = 0
    2(q^2 + 11q + 30) = 0

    now divide both sides by 2

    q^2 + 11q + 30 = 0
    (q + 6)(q + 5) = 0

    if 2 numbers multiplied together = 0 then one or both factors must be 0.

    q + 6 = 0 and/or q + 5 = 0
    q = -6 and/or q = -5

    Plug in the 2 possible answers and see if one or both of them work.

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    would i still get it right if i didn't factor out the gcf?

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