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what is an example of a math expression?

Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain. Can you solve for a variable in an equation?

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    x + y is an expression. So is sqrt x or y^3. it is anything that tells you how to compute a number when you are given the values of certain variables.

    You cannot solve for a variable with just an expression.

    If you have an equation with one variable, there will usually be certain values of the variable for which a solution exists.

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    An example of a math expression is: 2x+3x-4

    No, you can't solve for a variable in an expression. Still, you can simplify it. For example: <2x + 3> is an expression , it does not prompt you for an answer because it is not a "complete" thought. Since it is not a complete thought, let alone a question, we cannot solve for anything.

    Yes, you can solve for a variable in an equation. For example: 2x + 3 = 7, is a sentence (in math it is called an equation) and is a complete thought that is prompting you to answer the question: "What is x?" Now we can solve for the variable because we have been given a "complete" thought.
    2x + 3 = 7
    2x = 4
    x = 2

    Hope this helped you =)

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