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Spanish 1

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Can someone please help me with the correct form of the adjetives?
Thank you millions.

12. La profesora tiene pelo _____ largo.
13. Los gatos tienen las piernas ______ (corto.
14. La lengua española the Spanish language es ___________: divertido
15. Mis amigos my friends son __________: divertido
16. ¡Qué _________ comida What good food! bueno
17. Eres un _________ amigo.bueno
18. María es una _________ persona. bueno
19. El perro es _________. simpático

  • Spanish 1 -

    number 1 through 19 just put what you think it is and if it is a test then i will help you so tell me what you think it is and i will tell you if it is right or wrong.

  • Spanish 1 -

    12. largo
    13. cortas
    14. divertida
    15. divertids
    16. buena
    17. buen
    18. buena
    19. simpático

    In Spanish, any adjective will have the same number (singular/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine) as any noun modified.


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