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please help me , i neeed help writing this in Spanish:

My classes are very difficult, and i don't enjoy them

mi (mis?) clases muy difícil, y yo no disfrutar de

i know this is a messed up sentence, but i'm just giving it a try.
can someone please show me how to write this sentence correctly?, thanks a lot!

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    Well for the first part I know you need a verb (ser) so I think son should be in there and i am pretty sure it is mis since lasses is plural. and for the second part you could say you don't like them instead of you don't enjoy them which would be no me gusta.

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    Mis clases son muy difíciles y no me disfruto de ellas. (OR no me gustan )

    NOTE: both adjectives (mis/difíciles) are plural and feminine just like the noun (clases). Every complete sentence MUST have a conjugated verb.

    These 2 things are BASIC in Spanish .


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