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Consecutive integers are integers that follow each other in order (for example 5, 6, and 7). The sum of three consecutive integers is 417.Let n be the first one. Write an equation that will determine the three integers.

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    let the middle number be n
    let the smallest be n-1
    let the largerst be n+1
    (n-1)+(n)+(n+1) = 417
    3n = 417
    n = 139

    the numbers are 138, 139 and 140


    let the smallest be x
    the middle one be x+1
    and the largest x+2
    then x + x+1 + x+2 = 417
    3x + 3 = 417
    3x = 414
    x = 138

    notice now we found the first number, since we defined it that way, the other two are 139 and 140

    Does the first method look easier?

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    yes thankyou

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