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Can someone please check and see if my answers are right?

Identify the entire noun clause:

1.The big green parrot speaks to whoever comes in the house
Ans- whoever comes into the house

2.For many years, no one knew where tuna spawned.
Ans- where tuna spawned

3.On this special night, dinner will be whatever you'd like.
Ans- whatever you'd like

4.The police always gives tickets to whoever parks in front of a hydrant.
Ans- whoever parks in front of a hydrant

5.What your room needs is a portable dumpster and a front loader young man.
Ans- what your room needs

I won't be surprised if I get all these wrong...but I did my best! Thanks!!

  • Grammar -

    1 - correct

    2 - correct

    3 - correct

    4 - include "to" and it'll be correct

    5 - correct

  • Grammar -

    In number 4, I think you should use the plural verb "give" because "police" is considered a plural noun.

  • Grammar -

    Well, I guess 4 could be considered correct as you first had it -- if you had to say what part of speech the noun clause was serving as, what would you say?

  • Grammar -

    I agree with Ms. Sue. You should either use "policeman" or "give" but the way it's written right now, there's a subj/verb disagreement!

  • Grammar -

    Thanks guys!

  • Grammar -

    MC -- I'm not offended -- but find it humorous that you should address two retired women teachers as "guys." <g>

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    Some homework help * laughs * K-12 is hard isn't it?

    XD It's a common term. :3

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