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Physical Science [repost]

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Can someone please check if my answers for these questions are correct? Thanks!

1.Explain in terms of force and distance how using a ramp to load boxes into a truck makes work easier.
(Ans-) Less force is applied but the distance is longer.

2.A ball sitting on the top of a table has potential energy but no kinetic energy. Describe how potential and kinetic energy can change as the ball falls off the table to the floor.
(Ans-) When the ball falls, the kinetic energy increases and potential energy decreases..

3.Explain how the thermal energy of a swimming pool compares to the thermal energy of a lake at the same temperature.
(Ans-) The swimming pool is larger than the lake so it has more particles.

Thanks again,

  • Physical Science [repost] -

    1 and 2 look ok to me.
    What you say about #3 is true; however, I don't think you have answered the question.

  • Physical Science [repost] -

    Rick P told me how to answer it the right way in my previous post...thanks a lot!

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