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I was wondering what are some natural resources needed for survival and the consequences for not having those resources. I would like some research cites or cite your resources(where you got the info)

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    We must have air, water, food, and shelter.


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    I need to list 5 resources (natural resources) and list the consequences for each of them if we didn't have them.

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    Air, water, food, and shelter are all composed of natural resources. Fire could be the fifth natural resource.

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    Ok that is what I all have. What would be the consquences for not having air (oxygen-would be better) besides that plants would not be able to grow. What else would happen if there was no oxygen in the environment?

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    What would be some consequences if any of these resources would become limited. I need 1 for each of these: individual, community and population. I need to list the consequences for each of these 3 categories for each of the resources that I chose-the ones above that I mentioned earlier. (Oxygen, food, water, shelter and fire)

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