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Any ideas on grouping students? It has to be an activity.The only thing I have found is this:
Recycle greetings cards/magazine pictures. Rip or cut old greetings card into the required number of group members, shuffle and distribute amongst the pupils, for example five cards cut into sixth pieces will create five groups with six pupils in each group. The same activity can be used with posters/photographs for famous people/teams/bands etc
But it has to be an activity!!!! I really don't have any ideas.
1.activity needs to activate student's listening skills
2.activity reading skills
3.activity speaking skills??

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    Clearly you didn't read Sra's addition to this long thread yesterday.


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    Yes these are all wonderful ideas and thank you :)but my teacher told me that these groupings should not and must not be short! So I am not allowd to say everyone with black T shirts is one group and so on..This is supposed to be an activity which has to last for 5 minutes.So, grouping needs to last for 5 minutes!And that is a long time.That is wha I have problems now.i have many ideas on how to put students in groups but they all last 1-2 minutes.So that is why i thought that someone maybe has a "longer" idea.Well I'll look more on the internet
    Thank you

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    I never used grouping techniques that lasted over 1 or at most 2 minutes. The point was not forming the groups; the point was to form groups quickly and get on with the assignment.


    Maybe others have different ideas.

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    OK. Here is an idea I used the very first day of class. First of all, I was wearing a 3 x 5 card with MY information. Each student gets a 3 x 5 card. You could have them write any 5 things on that card --- one in the middle and one in each of the 4 corners.

    For example: the name in the middle. A favorite book in one corner, a favorite movie, favorite person, favorite "hobby" or activity.

    Then the students circulate, learning names and the information in the 4 corners. They need to group according to ONE of those things on the card. If YOU pick that one thing, there will be less chaos!


    Sorry, but on your first post, I thought you said "quick" activity!

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    Thank you, that is it!:) That is an activity I need.Now I'll try to come up with 2 more.
    Thank you

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    Lots of ideas right here:



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