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First thanks to everyone who has helped me with my topic Breakfast! It went great in the class!
Now I need some advice on how to divide a class in groups( or better to say my topic is called student groupings)I need to think of 3 activities on how to divide my class in groups.I repeat ACTIVITIES(reading, writing, listening)

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    Are you planning to become a teacher? Or do you already have your own classroom?

    You need to be able to think and find these types of things on your own if you plan to be a really good teacher.

    If you need help learning how to search, including how to choose good search terms, go here and scroll down to the links under HOW TO SEARCH THE INTERNET:

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    The key words in your post are:

    )I need to think of 3 activities

    What have you thought of?

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    NO, I am still a studnt(last year) I have a presentation on Friday.I need to simulate 3 activities on how I would put my future students in groups.Skills which need to be activated are : listening, speaking and reading.Ideas?Topic is not important..

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    As Ms. Sue asked, what have YOU thought of?

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    I am still thinking actually.It is not that simple at all

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    Let us know what you come up with. And use those search techniques while you're thinking.

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    No one ever said that teaching is simple. It's probably one of the most complex professions in the world. Teachers need to do a lot of hard work planning their lessons and how to reach every student. When facing a classroom of 25 or 30 (or more) students teachers need to think fast and creatively.

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    If you are putting students into quick groups, let y our imagine run wild!

    1. all students with white shoes, brown, black

    2. all students with brown eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes

    3. all students with no siblings (brothers/sisters), all with one, all with 2 or more

    Get the idea?


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