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probability( please help)

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Given a population comprised of 30 bats, 15 gloves, and 60 balls, if sampling is random and one at a rime without replacement,
what is the probability of obtaining a bat, a glove, and a bat in that order if three objects are sampled from the population?

  • probability( please help) -

    Starting off, there are 105 items, of which 30 are bats. The probability for that draw is 30/105.

    There are now 104 items remaining, of which 15 are gloves. The probability of getting a glove now is 15/104.

    There are now 103 items remaining, of which 60 are balls. The probability of getting a ball now is 60/103.

    The probability of all three occurring is the product of their individual probabilities.

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