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So far in high school i have taken geometry, algebra 2, and trigonometry. one of my friends is taking calculus and she says its way too difficult. and since i have alot of trouble in algebra and trig myself i don't think calculus would be the right choice for me next year. what is another math course that i could take?
what is statistics like/about?
is there any other course i could take ?

thanks for any information you can provide me with :)

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    Statistics can be very difficult.

    I think everyone should take consumer or practical math. Try to find a course in which you'll learn about interest rates -- both as a credit card holder and an investor. Other things this course could include are household budgets, basic economics, and the stock market.

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    oh ok, i will have to check if that is an option for me, since i'm a homeschool student. also, i have taken biology, chemistry and physics so far . what does that leave me with to take for next year? is it possible that i don't take a science course?
    thanks Ms.Sue

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    maybe because I am in the same situation next year as well but, stats can be hard at some point because I am taking it myself

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    is there any course that you HAVE to take before you take stats? i'm so stuck on which courses to pick for next year, homeschooling pretty much makes hard subjects even harder

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    not that I know of i am taking algebra 2 and ap stats on saturday and next year i will take for 12th grade elementary functions

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    oh ok, thanks for your help

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    p.s. have you taken your SATs?

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    no problems not yet i take them this saturday

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    What would you like to learn more about? Foods? Art? Theater? Literature? History? Geography? Writing? Foreign language? Government? Sewing? Physical education? Flower arranging? Auto mechanics? Carpentry? Astronomy? Drafting? Computer technology? Business? Accounting?

    What are your college and career goals?

    Answers to all of these questions should determine which classes you'll take next year.

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