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i need to make an acrostic poem using the word SECRETS. it needs to be phrases that all run together to make little poem story thing. HELP!

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    First of all, do you know what an acrostic poem is?

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    Next, pick a theme and then be sure what sort of rhyme scheme you want. Your word has 7 letters. You might have 2 verses, of 3 lines each and then an ending one, or 2 lines and then 5 lines. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you end up with 7 lines.

    As for rhyming, be sure the last word of each line is a word that will rhyme with another ending word in a different line.

    After you have written something, feel free to repost for help.


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    ya Mum.

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    I need help on a chlorine gas acrostic poem

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    tell me one for FACTORS

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    I need help writing an acrostic poem

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