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Could you check this please thanks.

Directions: We are supposed to make a poster on what I would wear at a party, including the color. So I will describe to you what my picture looks like(it's from a magazine) in english, and then I'll type it in french and you can make sure it's right.

**English version** (I want to wear a woman's dress shirt which is black, a belt which is black, bracelets that are silver, and blue jeans. I put on a purse which is pink and gold. I put on Emeraude perfume. I wear heart silver earrings. I wear a heart necklace which is silver. I wear flat shoes which are black and white polka dots. I put on a ring that is black and silver.)

**French version**

1. Je porte un chemisier noir.
2. Je porte un jean bleu.
3. Je porte une ceinture noir.
4. Je porte des bracelets en argents.
5. Je prote une bague en noire et en argent.
6. Je porte un collier en argent.
7. Je porte des boucles d'oreilles en argent.
8. Je porte des paire chaussures noires et blanches.
9. Je mets un sac rose et d'or.
10.Je mets du parfum par Emeraude.

  • French -

    If you are typing the English into French, where is "I want to wear" from the English? I don't see it in French . I will check the articles you mention, however.

    Where is "a belt which is black and where did the blue jeans come from?"

    silver bracelets = d'argent (or en argent) UNLESS there are several kinds of silver. In other words why is silver plural? (silvers)

    OK; I found the blue jeans in French but definitely NOT in the same order as the English !

    I see. The word order apparently does not have to be the same. However it makes it very confusing when I'm checking the French with the English! I'm losing track!

    You PUT ON a purse? Usually you carry a purse.

    5. une bague noire = it's a black ring

    6. You said a HEART necklace = un collier dans la forme d'un coeur (or formé comme un coeur)

    8. Je porte une paire de chaussures (or simply "des chaussures" because usually that means two)...where is the "polka dot" part? If you can't find "polka dot" in your text or dictionary, SKIP that.

    Also in #7. you said heart earrings in the English.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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