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"Once hired, the teacher will sign a contract with the board of education listing the terms of employment and what the individuals’ salary will be."

This is a run-on sentence, I can't figure out how to fix it. Please help.

"If a student is 18 or older then that student has a right to view their school records."

It says there is a noun-pronoun agreement problem.

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    After being hired by the Board of Education, the teacher will sign a contract listing the salary and the
    terms of employment.

    Yes, there is a noun pronoun agreement problem. Is the word "student" singular or plural? What pronoun refers to the student? Does that pronoun agree in number?

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    Thank you

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    The first sentence is not technically a run-on, but it does need to be shorter and less wordy.

    The second sentence has another error in it. You need to use "than" not "then" when comparing things.

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    I respectfull disagree, Writeacher. As I read the sentence, "then" is correct.

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    Oh, you're right!! I read it too fast! Thanks! =)

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