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1.Write the equation 5x+y-2=0 in normal form.

5x+y=2 (add two to both sides)
Standard form (Ax+By=C)---> 5x+y=2

Y-intercept (when x equals 0)
5(0) +y=2

X-intercept (when y equals 0)

Slope intercept (y=mx+b)
y= -5x+2

2.Use the sum or difference identity to find the exact value of tan105 degrees.

tan 105 = tan (60 +45) = (tan 60 +tan 45)/ 1-tan60tan45 =
(sqrt 3 + 1) / (1 -sqrt3 (1)) =
(1 +sqrt 3)^2 / (1-sqrt 3)(1+sqrt 3) =
(1 +sqrt 3)^2 /( 1-3) =
(1 +2sqrt 3 + 3) / (-2) =

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