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RESPONDE a estas preguntas con una condicion.


1. Que vas a hacer este verano?

Si My answer= voy a viaja.

2. Que vas a regalarle a tu mejor amigo por su compleanos?

Si My answer voy regalare una canta

3. No estas muy contendo con tu trabajo, no?

Si My answer _________????

4. Que Haras si no encuentras trabajo?

Si My answer hare no encuentras trabajo

5. Que vas a cenar esta noche?

Si My answer voy a cenar este noche

6. Vas a salir este fin de semana

Depende Si My aswer yo tengo muchas tareas

  • SraJMcGin spanish HELP -

    It says "answer with a condition" so you need a "si clause" = if

    1. Si puedo, voy a viajar

    2. (what is a "canta?" = Si tengo dinero, voy a regalarle (what did you want to give?)

    3. I can't believe your text didn't have a model or it wasn't clear before you did the homework EXACTLY what you were to do. This one is a natural for the Imperfect Subjunctive (If I were...I would) but I have no idea if you have had that yet. Si mi patrón está contento, voy a estar contento también = If my boss is happy, I'll be happy too?

    4. Si no encuentro trabajo, no voy a tener diner.

    5. What are you going to eat for dinner tonight? Si mi madre me dice, voy a saber. (If Mom tells me, I will know?)

    6. Si no tengo mucha tarea, iré al cine con mis amigos.


    P.S. I hope you are not really Online at 1:28 a.m.!

  • SraJMcGin spanish HELP -


    I did not get to sleep until after 2am each night this week b.c of our rehersal schedule and all of my homework and tests stayed on schedule. I am excused from dance class b.c of the preformance tonight sat and sunday -I have 2 questions

    # 3 and # 6 why the questions

  • SraJMcGin spanish HELP -

    Having now seen the instructions you were given, unless you were allowed to use the "fake future" = ir + a + infinitive, we will need to change all those constructions to the future. (Assuming the instructions were the same?)

    1. not voy a viajar but "viajaré"

    2. le regalaré (I will give)

    3. not "voy a estar" but "estaré"

    See why I MUST have the instructions plus model, if there is one? I'm just GUESSING that the pattern is still to be "si clause with present, main verb future"

    4. not "voy a tener" but "tendré"

    5. not voy a saber but "sabré"

    6. ok

    Good Grief - how many hours do you get to sleep? Any growing person MUST get a good night's sleep. Otherwise, I'll be worried about your health!

    Good luck with the performance(s).


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