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I have a question. Are teacher wanted us to write our entire paper first before we found the research. Now we have to go back and plug in the research back into are paper that we found. After we plug it in we have to put a sentence or two after it about it. I have never done it like this before in my life. Here is one of the things that I found. What is an example of a follow up sentence after this. So I know how to do if for the rest of my sources that I found. Because this is pretty straightforward.
Thank You!!

“Often religion is used to demonstrate optimism by stating that God, or a higher spiritual power, promises victory to the country”(Wikipedia).

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    A follow up sentence could explain and elaborate on that quote.

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    How about this...

    Although individuals sometimes have that feeling of doubt in their minds about the final outcome, God is always there to reassure society that a victory is in favor for their country. Turning to a higher spirtual power in the times of need will have that optimistic feel delinquish.

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    I don't understand your last three words.

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    It suppose to say Turning to a higher spirtual power in the times of need will help individuals decrease that optimistic feeling of a negative outcome.

    Overall, is it good.....

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    Are you sure you mean "decrease that optimistic feeling?"

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