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I'm having a little trouble of figuring out what two jobs that might fit me. The two colors down below represent me. I been figuring out for about an hour what two jobs fit me but i couldn't figure it out. So I want to ask your opinions of what two jobs fit me using these two colors

adventurous orange
basic needs are for action, excitement, freedom, and to act on impulse
playful and fun loving
competitive and adventurous
likes to take risks
strengths and needs:
exhibits high energy and zeal
seizes opportunities; is clever
needs hands-on approach
requires variety and flexibility
possesses a sense of humour

responsible gold
basic needs are for structure, security, and to be of help to others
organized and plans ahead
dependable, loyal, and responsible
follows the rule
strengths and needs
respects authority
needs order and sequence
responds well to a structured, stable environment

Please help and Thank you

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    Check through the various links in these search results:

    Frankly, the second one reminds me of some teachers and nurses I have met!

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    Also -- how about a police officer?

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    any other careers you can think of??

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    It looks like you have taken some sort of personality test and scored highest in these two categories. However, some of the traits seem to be the opposite of each other, e.g., "requires variety and flexibility " and ''needs order and sequence".

    These traits are not "written in stone." Rather than limiting your choices to occupations related to these traits, explore any jobs that seem to appeal to you. These data can fit a multitude of jobs. Does the test itself suggest jobs related to these categories?

    Job fairs can be helpful. Talk to people who are in occupations that seem to interest you. Explore specific occupations online.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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