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11+ maths

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find the rules and then complete the sequence

please show workings

  • 11+ maths -

    if the second term has been a 1
    I would see a nice pattern

    the odd-numbered positions are simply the squares of the natural numbers.
    i.e. the first, third, fifth, seventh ...terms are 1,4,9,16,..

    then even-numbered positions are simply the odd numbers.
    i.e. the second, fourth, 6th, 8th,.. terms are (1),3,5,7,...

    if the second is indeed a 2 as you typed it, I see no pattern, that fits all the terms.
    Once you get past the second term, the pattern I noted still applies.

  • 11+ maths inverse operation -

    4a + 12 = 7a - 9

    what is a ?

    please show workings

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