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Hi there could you help me with this question from the novel to kill a mockingbird.

Discuss the theme of personal intergrity in relation to the novel. Use examples of people who are involved in bringing out this theme.

The task i am having difficulty with is creating a thesis statement. I know the character of Atticus shows personal integrity by taking on the case of Tom Robinson even though everybody in Maycomb is against this idea but Atticus stays true to his morals and fullfils his duty as a true lawyer.

I just don't know how to incorporate Atticus into the thesis statment. So far i have:
"In the novel to kill a mockingbird, the idea of personal intergrity is shown through the character of Atticus...

Please help. Thanks

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    Not bad!

    I'd modify it a bit ... maybe --

    In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus is the embodiment of personal integrity, both in his defense of Tom Robinson and in what and how he teaches his children.

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    Perfect...thank you. Just what i wanted.

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