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What is the key aspiration people in Pennsylvania???? I am reseaching Pennsylvania for extra credit....

  1. GuruBlue

    Here are two places that have a number of sites that will be of help.

  2. Courtney

    Thanks that helped me A LOT!!!! :)
    Thanks again ~ Courtney

  3. Angeline

    I have lived in Pennsylvania, and I think aspirations vary. Goals and dreams are more dependent on personal experience and personality rather than where you live. That being said, where you live can affect what you want, based on what resources you have, what resources you need, and what your environment is like. People in Third World countries, for example, are in desperate need of food, so that affects their view of the future and their lifestyle. I think Pennsylvanians have similar aspirations as most Americans. It varies from what their occupation is. A lot of Pennsylvanians are affected by the economic downturn and what a higher-paying job. There are Pennsylvanian farmers who are worried they will lose their farms to development. There are Pennsylvanians who have been taken from their town because of an underground fire that will last for a hundred years (google Centralia Pennsylvania). Pennsylvanians face challenges different from other states, but essentially they're the same.

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