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We have state testing this week [CRCT] and I'm reviewing for the Language Arts part. 8th grade students are required to know a ton of stuff by this time, but one thing I don't understand is simple, compound, and compund-complex sentences. They confuse me and I need to know how to spot them.
Btw, I might have more questions today; I need all the help I can get to pass! Thanks (=

  1. SraJMcGin

    Begin right here:


  2. mysterychicken

    Hmmmm I guess I should've checked google first eh? Thanks though =)

  3. mysterychicken

    I found a really great way to spot one of these on the first site of the google url:

    Simple sentences always contain a subject and verb and express complete thoughts.

    For compound sentence, I just have to look for FANBOY beside a comma!

    For complex sentences, I must find a subordinator like when, after, or before.
    Am I on the right track?

  4. Writeacher

    Yes, you are on the right track.

    Here are some rather simplified definitions and examples for you:

    ** Simple sentence = 1 independent clause
    ** Compound sentence = 2 independent clauses, joined by a comma and one of the FANBOYs or by a semicolon
    ** Complex sentence = 1 independent clause and 1 or more (usually 1 or 2) dependent clauses; dependent clauses are usually introduced by relative pronouns or subordinating conjunctions
    ** Compound-complex sentence = compound sentence (as above) plus 1 or 2 dependent clauses.

    (Independent clause has a subject and verb and makes sense on its own. Dependent clause has a subject and verb, but does not make sense on its own.)

    Hold on for some examples.

  5. Writeacher

    Simple sentences:
    ** Go home!
    ** I love to eat.
    ** When dining, be sure to eat all your vegetables.
    ** While dancing, she always has a smile on her face.

    Compound sentences:
    ** Jack and Jill went up the hill, but no one was chasing them.
    ** Jack fell down, and Jill ran away.
    ** In all the thunder and lightning, one cat went racing into the closet, and the other two just looked around.
    ** I couldn't stop laughing; his jokes were just too funny.

    Complex sentences:
    ** When he was eating dinner, he spilled spaghetti all over his white shirt.
    ** While they were dancing, the couple seemed oblivious to everyone else.
    ** I really admire my brother, who was an appliance repairman in Anchorage, Alaska, for many years.
    ** If I were you, I wouldn't put my hand on the hot stove.

    Please post any specific questions you have.

  6. mysterychicken

    I'm sorry that I saw this late but thank you for the help!

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