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1. Hello. May I speak to Tom?
Speaking. Who's this?
Hi,Tom. This is Sam. How are you doing?
Just fine. How about you?
I'm so-so. How is your school?
Oh, it's great. I like it very much.

2. Hello. May I speak to Tom?
He is not in now. Can I take a messsage?
OK. Ask him to call Sam,please.
Have a good time!

3. Hello. May I speak to Tom?
He is in his room.
Hold the line,please.
Tom, you are wanted on the phone.
OK, Mom. I'm coming.
Who's this,plese?
Hi, Tom. This is Sam. What are you doing?
I'm doing my homework on the computer.
Don't you want to play with me?
I'm sorry, I can't. I am very busy.
Okay. See you tomorrow.

(Would you check the three dialogues? Correct errors, please. Thank you.)

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    1. perfect!

    2. Put a space after the comma after "Sam." Otherwise, it's fine.

    3. Again, put spaces after the commas that occur just before "please" and watch the spelling of "please." Otherwise, it is fine!

    Nice! =)

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